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Dawn M. Hoppe, Owner & Founder

Dawn is a performance driven leader with over 30 years’ experience creating fulfilling live events. A lifelong learner and entrepreneur, Dawn is motivated by challenge and committed to providing excellence. Her expertise lay in building and growing event planning departments within a variety of company types.

In her current role at MIP, she is tasked with identifying and ameliorating the challenges faced by internal corporate event planning teams. She deploys insights gleaned from working in the hospitality industry and incorporates them in her formidable technical skillset. Dawn designs and implements best practices and process-oriented systems for in-house and virtual teams, streamlining them to improve the bottom line.

She is a wellness advocate that renews herself by gardening, boating and hiking. Dawn has a “thing” for fabric, outshines at sewing, and sometimes dabbles with acrylic painting. While she also speeds at typing (110 wpm), Dawn strongly favors the pen – she is an upcoming "ForbesBooks – Best in the Business" author February 2019.